Q: Can you repair my type of car?
A: Yes. We are a fully skilled and equipped repair shop and we do deal with ALL kinds of cars. Like every other repair shop we occasionally outsource specialist tasks (such as air-conditioning or windscreen replacement) to other organisations, but that is rare.

Q: Do you deal with my insurance company?
A: Yes. We regularly deal with ALL insurance companies. We are a “Real Insurance Preferred Repair”, and we regularly deal with insurers such as AAMI, APIA, CGU, GIO, Lumley, NRMA, Shannons, Suncorp, Vero, Zurich – and all the rest.

Q: My insurance company said I should go to another smash repair shop. Do I have to go there?
A: No. NSW Government legislation stipulates that you almost always entitled to go to the repairer of your choice. Note that several large insurers will try to steer you to their preferred repairers purely to save themselves money. Those repairers save money for the insurer by cost cutting – generally lower labour costs (think “labourer” instead of “tradesman”), and poorer customer service. This cost cutting does not benefit you – only the insurer. They may scare you with stories about guarantees etc – but that is simply not true. You will continue to receive the same workmanship guarantees that you have always received.

Q: Do you do fleet work?
A: Yes. We have several large organisations that regularly use us for their repairs. All our fleet relationships started with a single job coming to us – so please try and see how well we compare!